The trusted global standard for mobile experience.
Forget surveys, approximations and simulations: OpenSignal provides direct measurements of the true experience of mobile users globally, gathered from millions of users of our app.

Business Solutions

Competitive Intelligence

Flexible reporting solutions providing a single source of competitive benchmarking truth with up-to-date historical trends. Available via the OpenSignal portal or as an integrated feed for IT systems, the competitive intelligence solutions give operators valuable insights to support strategic decisions and respond to competitive dynamics.

Revenue Leakage Prevention

A range of products and solutions delivering localised and granular competitive analysis in order to identify locations where revenue is being lost to competitors, wifi or poor performance. Helps to drive prioritisation’s and investment decisions while maximising an operator's share of the ‘mobile wallet'.

Why we’re different

Delivering business intelligence for competitive advantage
Capturing on-device mobile experience
Processing and storing billions of records
All networks, all the time, everywhere

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